2.9 million Adobe customers have credit card information stolen

No company wants to find out that its network has been hacked and its customer's information could be in the hands of a cyber criminal. The unfortunate truth is that hacking and cyber crime are a growing concern for every organization that uses computers and the Internet regardless of its size.

According to an article from ComputerWorld, Adobe is the latest company to be the victim of a hack that put the information of users at risk. Brad Arkin, the company's chief security officer, told the news source that his team found "sophisticated attacks" on the network between September 11 and September 17, 2013.

"So far, Adobe's investigation has revealed that attackers managed to access Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords, as well as obtain information on 2.9 million customers, including names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers with their expiration dates, and other customer order details," the article read.

The company is in the process of resetting user passwords, notifying customers whose credit card information was stolen and alerting banks processing payments about the attack. Arkin also said that the source code for several of Adobe's products was also stolen.

Any company that handles credit card processing needs to ensure that every aspect of its network is secure. The effectiveness of POS software has more merchants moving their cash register solutions online, but that opens it up to the possibility of cyber criminals. Merchants need to keep this in mind and ensure customer information is kept secure from every angle.

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