3 ways Pokémon Go is set to drive more retail traffic

A new mobile game may actually be a boon for small businesses. At this point, the Pokémon Go craze has caught so much attention that it has become a major social media sensation. As unlikely as it may seem, this could be good news for stores anticipating retail traffic. Those with fast and efficient payment processing software may be in a better position to accept transactions and manage more customers.

The game runs in a mobile app and is free to play, broadening the appeal. Users are encouraged to walk around the real world and use their GPS location to capture the fictional Pokémon creatures. Multiple sources have written about this fad, and there appears to be a real possible business benefit here for those who are ready.

These are some of the possible ways this game has brought more business:

  • Marketing opportunities: Some businesses have attracted more customers thanks to the game, either by using in-game perks to draw players or offering related specials. Both ways have drawn social media attention.
  • More people on the move: The simple growth of people traveling around their neighborhoods and cities can raise the chance that they'll stop in for service somewhere. Stores need to be ready if this happens.
  • New customer needs: Thinking about what players might need could suggest ways to improve engagement. For example, PC Mag said that businesses can appeal to users by giving them a place to charge their phones, since the game has become notorious for draining battery power.

While games like this may come and go, the payment processing software you use can be more long-lasting. Contact 911 Software to start setting up strong, sustainable solutions for your business today.

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