3 ways to keep your credit card secure

These days, it can be all too easy to lose your financial information to somebody who wants to do you harm. This is especially true for people who spend time shopping online, as you never know where your credit card and security numbers might end up.

But you should also be aware of where your physical credit card is at all times. While technology is advancing and there are all sorts of new ways to keep your data secure, none of that will matter very much if you lose the credit card itself.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Always check your statements: While you need to be careful with your physical credit cards, sometimes you might not notice if your information has been stolen. That is why you need to check your bank account regularly to ensure that all of the purchases made are legitimate.
  • Handle the card with care: Even if you are in the habit of doing so, it is never a good idea to carry your credit card around loose in your pocket. Always be sure to have it securely tucked away in your wallet or purse.
  • Store away unused cards: There are some cards that we do not need to use every day, so it doesn't make sense to carry them around with us. For these special cards, be sure to have them in a protected spot in your home and not where they can be easily accessed.

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