39 percent of American internet users store files on the cloud

The cloud is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for company executives who want to make strategic changes through the use of mobile operations and data analytics, and for business leaders who want to develop a hands-on approach to their company's information systems. 

Forbes asserts that the "Cloud offers a platform for the kind of tech experimentation, rapid development and distribution that used to be the province of the IT department. All of which means that at a time when corporate IT budgets are tied up in operations and maintenance, other business managers are turning to cloud computing to expand their businesses."

In other words, the cloud is making the progressive and creative use of technology possible for the average person, who might put it to use for a variety of functions. One of the most important uses of cloud-based technology is that of data integration. Through the use of the cloud, financial, inventory, employee and customer data can all be integrated by one storage platform, offering creative perspectives and solutions that might otherwise not be obtained. This is especially valuable when used in tangent with payment processing software, because all the important aspects of the transactions can be automatically stored and organized. 

The cloud also offers more flexible services, because users can link different applications and quickly implement new business systems. Additionally, companies can digitally monitor how their information is accessed for extra security. 

The cloud's popularity is therefore not surprising, and we can only expect its user base to expand in the future. Currently, eCommerce reports that 39 percent of American internet users are storing information on the cloud, and 86 percent of those said that cloud-based technology "improved the lives of Americans who work." Users appreciated the file-sharing application and the ability to back up important information in a less stressful and more reliable way. 

Security experts say cloud users should implement two-factor authentication to ensure their data is completely protected. 

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