4 tips for better cyber security

With new data breaches seemingly every day, keeping our customer's information secure should be a company's top priorities. Here are four tips for better cyber security:


One of the simplest and most essential keys to cyber security is promoting a strong corporate culture. This should include ongoing training and communication about threats, risks and the best practices to prevent information leaks. Every employee needs to know the importance of data security and what they can do in their roles to prevent or reduce the risk of leaked information.


Phishing is a way some criminals are able to steal information. This can either be done through phone calls or email. For businesses, email is particularly dangerous, as an unsolicited email could contain a link or attachment that could install malware onto your system. Be sure to setup a strong spam filter on your email and don't respond to anything suspicious that might make its way to your inbox.


Mobile devices are a critical part of businesses in today's corporate environment, so ensuring that they're secure is critical to strong cyber security. Always keep these devices up to date with the latest software updates and security patches. Make sure to only download applications from trusted sources. If employees are allowed to use their own devices for work purposes, require them to abide by the same security measures you do.

Visual hacking

Visual hacking may not seem like hacking, but it can be just as dangerous. This involves anytime information is read by someone who wasn't meant to see it, like when documents are left out on a table or a computer screen is left on while the user is away. This becomes even more important when working in a public setting or in customer facing locations. Make sure employees are locking their screens when they leave their workspace and securing physical files properly.

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