Adele fans report data breach

Hot off of stellar sales from her new album, singer and songwriter Adele began preparing for an upcoming tour. Advance tickets sales began on Dec. 1, but several fans are currently reporting a security breach on the Grammy winner's website.

According to a report from the BBC, fans claimed they saw other people's orders, including their payment information, when they went to check out.

"I got through to buying tickets but it came up with someone else's screen with their card details and home address," one fan, Kiran Farmah, tweeted. The BBC explained that Farmah, who lives in Birmingham, England, was shown tickets for Adele's upcoming show in Galsgow, Scotland, almost 300 miles away.

Despite other reports from fans obtained by the BBC that fans saw credit card information not belonging to them, the company handling the sales for Adele, Songkick, refuted the claim.

"At no time was anyone able to access another person's password, nor their payment or credit card details (which are not retained by Songkick)," the company said in a statement. They continued, saying that the glitch was caused by an overload of customers on the site.

The BBC's security consultant, however, was more inclined to side with the fans.

"This is the sort of thing which should be impossible, even if the website is very busy," Consultant Graham Cluely the BBC.

Cluely explained that the situation was likely the result of poorly written code within the website and not a malicious attack. While he also wasn't certain that credit card numbers did, in fact, leak, he advised customers to monitor their statements closely.

The tour, Adele's first since 2011, kicks off on Feb. 29 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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