Adjusting POS to assist customer programs

An updated card processing software stands to help customers as much as businesses, if the owner has a specific program they want customers to be more involved in. The National Retail Federation recently reported on loyalty programs in particular, which can be easier to manage if establishments use an appropriate POS payment system. That's especially important because, as the source noted, businesses have to distinguish themselves from competitors as loyalty programs become more common.

A store doesn't have to rely on traditional gift cards to increase its customer base and win over more buyers. Electronic gift cards work off of stored information and can be more compatible with modern technology, especially mobile devices. The article noted that these cards can increase value for owners, in part by keeping swipe fees lower and relieving the merchant of some unnecessary payments.

However, the rise of mobile or digital gift cards could cause confusion in line at a location. Businesses may be able to help their customer base with this issue if they prepare for some of the possible problems that might arise.

For example, in a piece for, Shelley Hunter explained that she didn't usually have her mobile card ready fast enough while heading for checkout. This might be a headache for the store as well as the buyer, since it implies a lack of awareness of this technology and how to be prepared when using it. As they become more versed in new card options, merchants can feel more comfortable posting guidelines for their customer base about how to proceed.

One of the most important aspects of updating credit processing software involves checking for reliability. Fortunately, 911 Software has the experience to reassure our clients that we can help them adjust their payments systems with minimal fuss.

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