Advanced POS software needed when upgrading from a mobile solution

Last week, this blog covered the growing trend of pop-up retail stores, where many non-traditional retailers are creating smaller brick-and-mortar locations as a way to let customers evaluate products before buying. While it was mentioned that many of these locations — as well as other small businesses — are relying on mobile devices to act as their point of sale systems, it can be complicated when these organizations decide to set-up shop in a more permanent locations.

In a recent article from ZDNet, James Kendrick tells the story of a friend that opened up a small business and moved from a mobile POS solution to a more traditional cash register. The friend was a hair stylist that has rented a station at various salons and used a smartphone to process credit card payments. As her popularity grew, it became time to open up a spot of her own.

While using a smartphone works for a nomadic existence that was being used before, it was not a practical solution for her salon and would not help her run the business. By using a central system, it ensures the increase in customers does not overwhelm the mobile solution. It also makes it so she doesn't need to hand her personal device over to other stylists to make every transaction, while making sure employees do not use their personal devices to cut the salon out of any transactions.

On top of that, with the right POS software, she will be able to better handle backend systems like payroll and taxes.

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