Airport pop-up stores becoming a hot retail trend

Any of us that have traveled through an airport have faced the need to shop. This could be to grab a snack, find reading material or just to grab a last minute souvenir. Once in the terminal, however, the options can be limited: airports leave a lot of money on the table if they do not have desirable shopping options.

Because of this, many airports are starting to embrace a different kind of retail—pop-up stores. We covered this growing trend last summer when some retail experts called the use of small, temporary locations to sell products the "future of sales."

Now, according to an article from USA Today, many airports are starting to take advantage of this kind of retail. These organizations are using pop-up stores as a way to sell products that may be specific for the time of year (like frozen yogurt during the summer) or that relate to current world events (like selling Olympic goods to coincide with the Sochi Games).

Businesses are also able to benefit from a temporary arrangement setting up shop in the airport.

"From a business standpoint, it's a great idea," Ramon Lo, editorial director of Airport Revenue News, told the news source. "Short-term leases can give vendors a chance to dip their toes into the airport arena and build awareness for street-side locations, while allowing airports to vet new operators and, often, fill unused spaces."

For businesses to be successful, however, they need to make sure they have a credit card POS software solution that can integrate with other locations for accurate reporting.

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