All small businesses can benefit from mobile POS

If you were to walk into a business in New York or another major city and find a tablet or smartphone being used to handle transactions, it would not be all that surprising. These are businesses in tech savvy locations where consumers use mobile devices regularly, so incorporating this trend is not out of the ordinary.

However, if you are in a small town like Casper, Wyoming, it would seem like this would not be the case. However, even that is changing. A recent article from the Billings Gazette profiled several local businesses that have started using tablet POS systems as a way to improve their operations.

The article spoke with business owners that operate a gym, hair salon, a lodge and several eateries that have made the move to mobile point of sales devices. They cited the benefits of lower credit card processing fees, ease of use, improved reporting and a better way of connecting with customers as the main reason why they choose to go digital.

The other interesting takeaway from the article is that many of these businesses did not initially plan on investing in this kind of technology. Instead they were introduced to it from third party sources like by an accountant or from their children. Regardless, they are benefiting from using the technology.

While some of these organizations still have traditional cash registers, they only use them to store cash.

With mobile devices and a cloud-based POS software solutions, any organization will be able to take the next step and enter the digital age.

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