Another major credit breach is on the horizon

Customers of the First National Bank of Omaha received new debit cards recently. The reason: a data breach at a "national business" that has not yet been disclosed.

According to the Bank's spokesman, Kevin Langin, the bank was notified by other financial institutions of the data breach. 

"We recently issued new debit cards across our seven-state service area to customers whose cards may have been compromised through a nationwide breach that has not yet been announced," Langin told the Omaha World-Herald.

Both the FBI and the Secret Service have yet to comment publicly on the breach, but First National thought it significant enough to begin the re-issuing process. These breaches often take months to become public, but the Omaha bank didn't want that timeframe causing potential troubles for their customers' holiday shopping.

"[The reissue of cards is] in an effort to prevent customers from having issues using their cards during the holiday season," Langin said.

As the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, Langin wasn't able to disclose how many customers were affected, however, only debit cards are being replaced at this time. 

Though data breaches like this are common, the quick reaction by the bank isn't. One potential reason for this is the liability shift involving embedded chip cards. First National wasn't able to meet the October deadline for these cards, meaning there's an increased likelihood that any potential fraud from this breach will fall solely on the bank.

Fist National is in the top 15 of credit and debit card issuers in the U.S. The bank has operations that extend throughout Nebraska and into Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas. Langin said that none of their systems were compromised in the attack.

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