Apple POS system goes down

The importance of a proper business point of sale system can never be overstated. Organizations of all sizes need to make sure their systems are able to handle increased traffic. If a cash register system was to go down, it could be devastating for sales. Just ask Apple.

According to multiple reports, the technology giant's point of sale system went down nationwide on Thursday for several hours. This meant customers were unable to make purchases or pick-up anything that was bought online for an in-store pickup.

Reports from customers who were in the stores show that the employees had trouble with their mobile devices and applications. Sales already in progress needed to be made old-school with pen, paper and hand-swipe credit card processing machines. 

For a company the size of Apple, losing access to its state-of-the-art POS systems could be a costly situation.

"The company reported an average of $50 million in revenues per store for the fiscal fourth quarter of 2013, or just under $50,000 per hour, assuming an average operating time of 12 hours per day," Apple Insider reported. "With 253 stores in the United States, that means the glitch may have already cost Apple as much as $25 million."

This shows how important it is for a business to have a proper point of sale system. Companies can ensure they are able to handle any issues that could arise with the help of an experienced payment solution provider.

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