Apple Watch to be sold in specialized retail stores?

Apple is considering establishing specialized retail stores built exclusively to sell the much-anticipated Apple Watch, according to the latest reports from Trusted Reviews.

The company has been creating upscale Apple Watch booths in a luxury boutique in Paris, and could be monitoring the success of those booths with a new project in mind. The brand is apparently evolving to serve the type of clientele who could spend $20,000 on a smart watch, which is the rumored price of one of the models.

If the booths are a commercial success, then Apple will likely create entire stores designed specifically to sell its watches, including special VIP areas for picky consumers. Apple could also be considering a store-within-a-store approach for selling its Apple watches apart from its other, more traditional products and software.

There's much excitement surrounding the launch of the new technology, and the results of the release will likely to influence the future of the company in significant ways moving forward.

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