Applebee’s rolls out table-side POS systems

Many retailers and restaurants are looking at different ways to improve the customer experience. In many cases, this means upgrading the point of sales process to speed up transaction times and offer some different ways for consumers to make a purchase. One of these has been the use of mobile devices.

Forbes recapped a recent announcement from Applebee's where the company unveiled a plan to use 100,000 tablets on each table in its 1,860 U.S. restaurants. A device will be fixed to the table and allow customers to place orders for food and drink, pay the bill and even pass the time by playing video games, watching movies or listening to music.

Mike Archer, the president of Applebee's, told the news source that the goal is to put control of the restaurant experience into the hands of patrons. Ultimately, the speed of payment is going to be the first thing that most guests will notice. He added that this is only the beginning of the process as much feedback is expected and there is the potential for more deals to expand the content that is available in the tablets.

This is just one example of how the POS system is evolving to meet changing customer demands. However, for these to be successful, business owners need to make sure there is a strong point of sale software solution to back the system. On top of that, it needs to integrate each payment process that consumers could use and keep reporting under one umbrella.

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