Are security cameras a POS credit card liability?

Security cameras are supposed to keep store owners feeling safe, but in some ways, they could add to the risk level for credit card information. Computerworld recently reported on Backoff, a program that may have infected as many as 1,000 establishments as of 2014 and also infected CCTV systems. This would be alarming on its own, but in the context of a POS, it allows criminals to potentially access systems through an open server.

Writing for the source, Jeremy Kirk noted the way that vulnerable code could lead to problems for both retailers and their customers. The weakness comes from possible links between the surveillance systems and their attackers.

"The mere presence of camera software left open to the Internet can help attackers identify a particular network and figure out if one belongs to a retailer," Kirk wrote. "Access to the device itself could help in gaining entry to the broader network, which could eventually lead to payment processing systems."

Backoff's presence among 2014 POS locations was well-known. That year, security company Damballa released a report on POS malware attacks, noting a 57 percent jump in Backoff infections between August and September alone.

The report also addressed a related problem: when experts receive an overwhelming amount of security alerts, it becomes difficult to figure out which deserve the most attention. The source concluded by recommending "building better intelligence" for a prevention strategy that keeps enterprises safe before danger makes itself known.

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