Are you maximizing the potential of your point of sale system?

If you are in a sector that relies on a point of sale solution, there is a good chance you have thought about upgrading it. Traditional cash registers have become passe, as current POS solutions are much more than a giant calculator with a drawer to hold cash in.

A recent article from Convenience Store Decisions makes the case that with the latest software and the integration of several processes, a POS system can become a centralized hub for business solutions and reporting.

The article features an interview with Michael Davis, the vice president of fuel and convenience store association NACS. He mentioned that with multiple store locations and a variety of systems becoming digital — sales, inventory, credit card processing, security — companies need to have a system in place that is always connected and online.

"We're out of business when they are offline," Davis said.

He added that companies now have the ability to keep track of everything, which can help organizations improve overall operations with real-time information that offers a complete view of the business. This way, at any time, organizations are able to know stock levels, what items are selling well and see any potential trouble areas as they happen.

Any POS system needs to offer functionality, flexibility and control while being paired with a minimal amount of maintenance, interface and programming costs. The ultimate goal is to take "work" away from managers and employees, allowing them to focus on the customer experience and other critical elements of the business.

Jenny Bullard, the chief information officer for the Georgia-based Flash Foods, is also interviewed in the piece and said that her business has been able improve the operations of al 172 stores with the help of a standardized form of reporting.

"It's really helped us retailers by creating standardization for the integration between POS and back-office systems and between POS and other devices, such as the security system," Bullard said.

She also spoke about using a Web-based form of POS software that has helped the company bring all of its reporting and software solutions under one roof. This makes it far easier to get any kind of snap picture of the business that a company is looking for.

With the help of a retail solution provider, any organization can start implementing updated solutions like credit processing software and inventory reporting.

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