ATM vulnerability in 2016: What merchants can learn

The security benefits of EMV cards may come under criticism in light of new trends in hacking. According to a Dark Reading article, multiple trends are changing the ways criminals target cash machines. As merchants try to keep up with new threats, it can help to be aware of the way technology is influencing these potential problems. The source said that smartphones, traditional criminal expansion and new malware have all contributed to possible ATM threats.

One of the sources Dark Reading quotes does say that EMV hacking won't fully take off until traditional card victims are no longer profitable. However, that doesn't mean that the new frontier shouldn't be examined. Some of the security measures ATM owners are taking don't replace or repair existing flaws: instead, they just create opportunities for more hacks, the article said.

Some of the issues ATM companies have to be on guard against parallel the latest POS threats. The BBC recently reported on a sophisticated malware job that impacted several ATMs in Taiwan. While the source didn't comment on how the action was conducted, it did say that more than 1,000 ATMs were frozen as a result. 

Local police Criminal Investigation Division head Lee Wen-chang said that this action represents "the first time that an international team of ATM thieves has committed a crime in Taiwan."

Improving POS security may take updated card processing software and a reliable support system to see it through. Contact 911 Software and find out why customer retention has always been one of our major priorities.

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