Ballpark improves credit card processing times

No consumer wants to wait for their credit card to get processed. In a world where much of our money management can be done in an instant like transferring funds, checking balances and making digital payments, waiting for a credit card to be processed can seem like an eternity. It is something that can be even worse if you are a business and suddenly have long lines forming because of the slow speeds when handling plastic.

In a recent case study, Tom Fremarek, the director of Food and Beverage for the Joliet Slammers minor league baseball team, spoke about some changes that he has made at the ballpark to improve these processing times.

According to Fremarek, one of the biggest customer service complains he heard following last season was the manual cash registers and credit card machines. This meant it was time to upgrade the POS systems.

"Our customer service issues were time-related in that slow credit card processing resulted in long customer lines at concession stands," Fremarek said. "Often, it took 45 seconds to process one credit card transaction because the card had to be swiped on a stand- alone credit card terminal and the amount manually entered into the cash register. Customers don't want to have to wait that long when they should be back in their seats watching the game."

By deploying a real-time POS system, the organization was able to improve the fan experience by cutting processing times down to only a few seconds. This keeps customers in the stands enjoying the game instead of waiting in line and growing frustrated.

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