Be confident with credit card processing

If you own a small business, the decision to start accepting credit card payments sounds like it should be an easy one. It just involves setting up a merchant account and deploying new hardware and software. However, as with most things, it is never that easy.

A recent article from Business News Daily relayed some information that every small business needs to know to make sure they are not taken advantage of during this process and meet the unique needs of the solution.

"From the difficulty of getting approved for a merchant account to losing money from fees and facing the challenges of using the same technologies as large corporations, the road to accepting credit cards can be rough," the article reads. "Nevertheless, very small businesses don't have to be at a complete disadvantage. Here are five things you need to know to stay ahead."

The article goes on to lay out several specific tips that organizations should be aware of, including:

Know the terminology – Because this can be a complicated process, business owners need to understand what is being said. This means knowing the difference between a merchant bank and an issuing bank.

Find the right card processor – Being a small business does not mean you are at the mercy of processors. There are options out there, and shopping around will help you find the right credit card processor for your needs.

Know revenue requirements – Some card processors require a business to generate a minimum revenue. However, there are vendors out there that cater to small mom and pop shops that fall under these thresholds.

Understand security – Regardless of the size of your business, it will be held to the same security requirements. This can mean bulking up network solutions, improved employee training and more to ensure Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, three-digital Card Verification Value, Secure Sockets Layer protocol and End-to-End Encryption.

Card processing fees – Every swipe of a credit card for a payment comes with a processing fee that companies need to pay. While 12 cents per swipe, for example, may not seem like much, it can add up quickly and lead to problems.

Adding credit cards to a business can be a monumental undertaking but when handled successfully, it can become a major tool to help take any company to the next level.

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