Best Buy latest to suffer breach

One of the nation's largest technology retailers was hit with a cyberattack, one that may have exposed consumers' sensitive financial information to prying eyes.

Best Buy, the Richfield, Minnesota-based multinational consumer electronics retailer, informed customers via its website about the breach, which it believes took place in 2017, USA Today reported.

"We, like many businesses, use a third-party for the technology behind this service, and that company, [24], told us recently that they were the victim of a cyber intrusion," Best Buy corporate noted in an official statement. "Their information suggests that the dates for this illegal intrusion were between Sept. 27 and Oct. 12, 2017."

The company went on to note that if, indeed, [24] did have its cyberwalls overrun, some Best Buy customers may have had their data stolen. It stressed, however, that "only a small fraction" of its online customer base was impacted, as far as it knows.

Best Buy encouraged its customers to reach out by email or through the company's website should they have any comments or concerns. It also assured those who were affected that they won't be charged for fraudulent purchases, whether done via credit card processing or some other payment means.

This most recent incident is only the latest to affect the retail sector. Other companies that have experienced a breach in 2018 include Saks Fifth Avenue, Panera Bread, Kmart and Sears. 

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