Brick-and-mortar stores are still going strong

Although online sales continue to grow and evolve, retail experts are maintaining that brick-and-mortar businesses will never be a thing of the past.

Evidence of this can be seen in the numerous e-commerce sites that have set up brick-and-mortar stores after attaining online success. Even Amazon is setting up a storefront in Manhattan. 

"As this has evolved into an omni-channel story," Nasdaq's retail analyst Calvin Silva told Forbes Magazine, "we're now starting to see the biggest winners are those companies that have a productive brick-and-mortar footprint. They're able to drive conversion, which is the instant gratification aspect."

Brick-and-mortar stores have the valuable opportunity of giving the customer a memorable and pleasant in-store experience that encourages repeat customers and long-term brand loyalty. Consumers may turn to the company's website to make purchases, but they also appreciate having the option to go to a physical storefront and walk away with an item. 

For brick-and-mortar locations to thrive, retailers are striving to create "value-added" customer experiences. Here are three of the most successful techniques for boosting conversion rates: 

  • Customer service: One of the best things to be gained from brick-and-mortar stores is the presence of helpful, knowledgeable and approachable sales associates. 
  • Product displays: Being able to see, touch and experience a product in real life will always make brick-and-mortar stores an important part of the retail world. Create beautiful product displays to make your storefront stand out. 
  • Store environment: A shop with a relaxing, appealing atmosphere can go a long way in attracting shoppers and delivering a valuable in-store experience.

Make sure your company is using a secure card processing software that integrates your brick-and-mortar stores with your online sales, so you're able to deliver the best of both worlds to your customers.

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