Bringing the physical and digital together on a POS level

There's no reason that the latest technological advancements can't be used in tandem with the traditional benefits of street-level businesses, like easy, face-to-face customer service and a chance for shoppers to physically compare items. Examining the innovative ways that credit card processing software can be used to reduce hassle and give users more options is vital in the face of ever-evolving technology, and can be accomplished relatively simply, says Airtag CEO Jeremie Leoryer.

In a recent piece on Payments Source, Leroyer discussed the possible means through which apps and other elements of mobile transactions can be used to increase efficiency without keeping visitors from entering a physical store. Special benefits and pre-loaded purchasing options can be made available, but put into the greater context of the customer's experience in the store, such as in Leroyer's example of a restaurant. And though this may not be feasible for certain businesses at the moment, it derives from the same principles as having strong credit card processing functionality.

Leroyer's particular focus is on the "mobile wallet," which he says is emblematic of the larger digital shift.

"This is where the onus starts to fall on the retailers to begin carving out their own a mobile presence," he says. "Doing so will help them manage their customer relationships and deliver better in-store shopping experiences that are relevant to each consumers' individual interactions with a brand." 

No matter what means are used to keep track of specific payments, secure credit card processing is a must for those looking to encourage business, and will only become more important as payment experiences become more tailored to the individual.    

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