Businesses can offer their own cards to customers

Depending on the size of your business and customer base, you may consider creating a card and payment program in order to keep your store's visitors loyal. It's one way to ensure that consumers are equipped with some form of credit card and able to make use of your credit card payment processing systems. As an example, one can look at the rewards offered by certain hotel chains to visitors who use their own specialized cards.

A chart featured on the site Airfarewatchdog describes some of the features different plans offer to entice users, including rewards "points" and credits that can be redeemed for tangible benefits later. Different levels of "status" are also a way to encourage users to take more of an interest in your programs, as well as a means of structuring and organizing the different rewards you offer.

Another strategy is to feature low or even no yearly fees on the card for a period of time. The Hilton Honors Visa reportedly features absolutely no fees according to this chart, and several others only offer one for a limited period of a year. Others include specific benefits that might appeal to travelers, such as chip-and-pin functionality a commonly recognized feature in card processing software in other countries.

No matter what specific rewards your business decides upon, keeping customers happy can be an additional benefit of this kind of approach, and also one that can ensure high spending volume. Any plan that can reach out to customers while putting focus on a system's credit card processors can be considered.

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