Enterprise Level Payment Processing Gateway

How to Test Payment Gateway Integration

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The following article describes the operation of the Cloud9 Payment Gateway built-in test account.  Please, follow these guidelines closely to speed up your integration and testing.

Test Cards

Note: Test Cards will work with any valid expiration.

Test account is programmed to respond with APPROVAL only to select accounts, AVS and CVV and amounts.

The following are two test cards programmed to work:

Test Account#1 + AVS, CVV

“AccountNum”: “5413330089604111”,
“CustomerAddress”: “8320”,
“CustomerZipCode”: “85284”,
“CVVNum”: “998”,

Test Account#2 + AVS, CVV

“AccountNum”: “4788250000028291”,
“CustomerAddress”: “8320”,
“CustomerZipCode”: “85284”,
“CVVNum”: “999”,

Test Amounts

Test account is programmed to respond with approvals or errors to specific amounts.

The following is a safe choice of amounts to test with:

$1.00 (“MainAmt”: “100”, for implied decimal point)
$1.15 (“MainAmt”: “115”, for implied decimal point)

Additional Test Cards and Scenarios

The full description of various TSYS Test Server Responses can be found here: TSYS Test Account Script

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