Business Employee Setup

Business Employee has access to  reporting and operating functionality but may not change the Business Setup. This article will teach you how to create and assign Business Employee Accounts.

  1. Enter Employee Setup Screen

  2.  Click Add Button to Enter Employee Add Screen
Payment Gateway Business Employee Setup
Click Setup -> Employee Menu, then Add

3. Fill in basic required information.

Enter basic required information, proceed to the next step by clicking Add/Edit in the Roles box

4. Click Add/Edit Button in the Roles Box and Select the Role

Business Emploee Add Role
Make Sure Business Employee Check Box is Checked, click + to assign the Role and Click Save

5. Click Add/Edit Button in the Stores Box and Select the Stores this Employee will be able to access

Business Employee Add Store
Select all the Required Stores, that this Employee will be able to operate on, then click + to Assign. Finally, click Save

6. Validate and all is selected properly and you have at least on store and role assigned

Business Employee Add Save
All required data is entered and the Roles and Stores are Assigned. Click Save when Done.

Conratulations! You have created your first Business Employee!

Payment Gateway Business Employee List
You can Edit & Delete Employees by selecting them and hitting the Edit and Delete Actions under the Action Heading
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