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See Transaction and Account Identification Guide

How to Submit a Transaction Inquiry to Support?

To help you with any issues on a particular transaction, we will need its GTRC (Gateway Transaction Record Count).  For any non-specific transaction issues, we will need the Profit Center’s GMID (Gateway Merchant ID).  Both are preferred and will expedite our response. To find GMID and GTRC, follow Transaction & Account Identification Guide.

How to Setup Auto-Batching?

See Settlement and Batching

How to Enter Cards Manually on Ingenico Devices?

On Ingenico device, hit the F1 key (below “ENTER CARD”) at the “Insert, Swipe, Tap” prompt, to begin a manual card entry.

Is there a Bulk Setup Option for Import from Setup Files?

For large accounts, we offer a CSV Bulk Setup Import

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