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C9PG uses Terminal Capture, which is the most flexible way of transaction processing. Terminal Capture allows pre-Authorizations, Tips and Offline Adjustments, which can save a good deal of money vs older Host Capture systems.

Types of Transactions

There are two major types of transactions in Terminal Capture Payment Processing:

  1. Outstanding Transactions.
  2. Settled Transactions.

Payment Gateway Settled and Outstanding Transactions

Outstanding Transactions

Outstanding transactions are all the transactions that have not been Settled (Batched ). The authorized amounts will be reserved on the payment methods for 28-31 days, after which they will expire.  On the customer statement such a transaction will often be marked as “Pending”.

Outstanding Transactions need to be settled (batched) for the money transfer to occur.


Settlement (also known as Batch) is an act of settling all Finalized Outstanding Transactions. This triggers the money transfer which can take 1-24 hours, depending on the service.

Settled Transactions

Settled Transactions are all the transactions that have been settled.

Auto Settlement

There are three types of settlement:

  1. API Settlement: using Batch API
  2. Manual Settlement: using Portal User Interface
  3. Automatic Settlement

API Settlement

use /restAPI Batch

  "GMID": "xxx",
  "GTID": "xxx",
  "GMPW": "xxx",
  "TransType": "Batch"

Manual Settlement

Selective Settlement: Batch some or all transactions, by selecting which transactions you would like to Settle.

Make sure to select a single Profit Center, first.

Credit Card Terminal Capture Selective Settlement

One-Click Settlement : Batch all transactions with one click.

Make sure to select a single Profit Center, first.

One Click Batch


Auto Settlement

Click Setup->Structure then Merchant Account. Scroll Down to Auto Batch Time.

To disable Auto Batch, set the Auto Batch Time to 9999EST.

To enable Auto Batch, set the Auto Batch Time to desired time and time zone (e.g. 23:45 EST). It is highly recommended that Auto Batch is setup at the end of the working day, with little to no processing volume.

ALWAYS validate that Auto Batch succeeded the first time you set it up, after 24 hours.

Terminal Capture Auto Batch

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