Transaction and Account Identification Guide

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This article describes the best methods for obtaining identifying information for support purposes.


Before proceeding, make sure you have selected the relevant Business. You can select a name or start typing the name of business:

C9PG Business Selection

GMID: Profit Center

Every Merchant Account is wrapped into a corresponding Profit Center, which describes a business unit where the sales of a particular kind take place (e.g. Online, or Cashier, or Membership).

Profit Center is identified by its Gateway Merchant ID (GMID), which is different from the merchant id that you may receive from a particular processor.

Click on the Profit Center in question and record GMID.

Note: Make sure you click just on profit center or a collection of GMIDs will be displayed.   If there are no outstanding transactions,  you can go to settled transactions.

Cloud9 Payment Gateway Merchant Identification of Profit Center

GTRC: Transaction Record

Before proceeding, please choose either Outstanding Transaction (not yet settled) or Settled Transactions. Make sure you have selected correct date range (for instance “All” or “Past 60 days”).

Every transaction is  identified by Gateway Transaction Record Count (GTRC), which is a Cloud9 specific unique transaction identifier.

Click on the Transaction of interest (if any) and then Detail, to record GTRC:

GTID: Terminal ID

Terminals have Gateway Terminal Id (GTID)

You can find both GMID and GTID at the bottom of the vTerminal screen when you enter it:

Payment Gateway Virtual Terminal




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