Can efficient POS systems help merchants with EMV?

For the difficult task of managing EMV updates, merchant efficiency is the order of the day. According to data that recently appeared in STORES Magazine, the cost of installing compliant terminals is still the biggest barrier for smaller retail businesses, even moreso than new hardware requirements or security concerns.

As such, buyers may need to look closer at the full value of the solution they purchase. Credit card processing software and other systems can be more valuable if they bring more to the table than just functionality. Working with a really useful service will help businesses stay compliant as conditions around them change. 

Cost is an issue for EMV upgrades in multiple ways. There's the cost of the system to consider, but the increase in fraud chargebacks is also a difficulty, especially if retailers believe they have already done all that they can to prepare. Because of this, accepting chip-based cards could be associated with higher fees despite the benefits.

While these problems will likely persist, there are steps businesses can take for smoother service. One essential element is support from the services provider, including a clear path for integration. As you can see from our step by step guide here, the process can be simple if the right samples are available.

From the very beginning, our business has focused on ensuring customer satisfaction through strong support services. That's a function that can help offset other costs by giving businesses more assistance to work with in the meantime.

In the long​ run, working with 911 Software could save merchants money and give them the resources to make future card payments simpler. Contact us today to learn more about our payments processor solutions and how they can help your business keep up.

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