CEO of Schnucks apologizes for data breach amidst lawsuits

Last month, this blog mentioned the case of the credit card breach that recently befell the supermarket chain known as Schnucks, revealing card numbers from more than 70 of its stores. The company has attempted to take major steps to recover since then, as it deals with multiple lawsuits and assures its customers that the chain is still a safe place to shop.

The CEO of the company, Scott Schnuck, has taken great pains to reach out to consumers on this front. The Riverfront Times recently detailed Schnuck's very public efforts, which included a video on Youtube last month and, more recently, a public apology letter that reportedly took up a full page in another news publication. 

In this statement and the video, Schnuck reiterates that his company did not know about the breach until the end of March, even though customers could have been affected as far back as the beginning of this past December. It's a point that will prove crucial in upcoming events, as the lawsuits from Illinois and the store's home state of Missouri both claim that the company did not act quickly enough in response to the attack. But in the apology, Schnuck defended the actions of his company.

"This event was unlike anything we have ever experienced," the statement said. "A cyber-attack is not like a bank robbery where you know immediately when it occurred and who was affected. The investigation requires painstaking analysis of digital evidence that takes time."

There's no better illustration of how important it is that credit card processors are given regular security upgrades, as even a chain store with multiple locations could see its business hit hard by the unpredictable nature of malware.     

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