Chip card lag time may frustrate some users

We've already looked at the slow merchant implementation of EMV cards many times. However, even for those who have the hardware to accept chip cards, a transaction still might not be so simple. The Chicago Tribune recently commented on the lagging processing time accompanying EMV use, which may prove frustrating to customers, especially when multiplied for every transaction seen in an average day.

In a way, the source states, the delayed processing speed is something of a good sign, since it indicates the more intricate security features of this payment card. Consumers used to the ease of swiping (and the weaker protection that comes with it) may be put off by the added time it takes for an encrypted message with its own unique code to make it out of the terminal. Difficulties pushing the chip deep enough into the reader may also compound this issue.

Despite the low number of businesses seen actually using these systems, there could still be an overall positive effect on the horizon. After all, many consumers have access to a chip card, and Electronic Transactions Association Meghan Cieslak told the Tribune that the full transition will take time.

"This is the biggest change in the payments industry in 40 years," Cieslak said. "We knew the process was not going to happen overnight, and so far we're pleased with how it's going." Another person interviewed by the source admitted that the October 1 "deadline" last year didn't actually represent the moment when most stores would have these systems ready.

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