Cloud-based computing technology revolutionizes businesses

The Harvard Business Review recently conducted a survey of hundreds of its readers, asking about cloud-based technology as it related to their large and midsize organizations.

The report showed an encouraging climate for fans of cloud computing systems: an impressive 74 percent of the participants reported that adoption of the cloud has given their companies a competitive edge over other businesses.

The Review reports, "When asked how cloud has provided competitive advantage, enthusiasts led with business agility, saying that cloud has enabled them to be more responsive to changes in the market, helps them get to market faster with new products and services, and shortens the time for new business launches."

The most commonly cited reasons for transitioning to cloud-based systems was the business agility it provides. Company owners also appreciated the lower costs of cloud-based systems and the ability to adjust operations based on current activity and demand. Flexibility and strategic awareness can make all the difference in success and revenue, and businesses are increasingly eager to reap these rewards through the cloud.

The cloud is also reported to be more secure than PC-based software, as it is less vulnerable to viruses and provides automatic backups of vital company information. Additionally, it allows for mobile access and 24/7 functionality, creating the most user-friendly system yet available.

Cloud computing systems also promote the integration of e-commerce systems, providing a comprehensive set of inventory and transactional information over multiple platforms. Overall users report that the cloud saves time, money and space for its users, and allows individuals to implement original business initiatives in record times.

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