Cloud-based POS systems gain steam in ‘Internet of Things’ era

The "Internet of Things" has created an atmosphere where companies are looking to design business operations around mobile technology and smart software solutions. Over the last few years, the growing influence of the cloud and mobile technology have turned this trend from a potential talking point to an essential solution.

One example of what this means for traditional systems is playing out in the retail sector. A recent article from TabTimes examines how point-of-sale systems are being influenced by increased wireless connectivity. With devices communicating instantaneously with each other, it dramatically cuts down the errors and improves information sharing.

The piece mentions that business applications like point-of-sale, inventory, analytics and order tracking are helping to push operational efficiencies. On top of that, it also improves customer service benefits in sectors where speed, mobility and real-time information are critical for business survival. However, it is only the beginning.

"Yet this is just the first phase of mobile business innovation," the article reads. "When we start connecting tablets to other tablets, computers and peripheral devices such as scanners and printers, even small companies like a mom-and-pop restaurant can operate as a connected enterprise where no customer is left behind."

For these systems to be successful, they need to be backed with an integrated POS software solution or cloud-based system. With the help of a payment solution provider that can implement the latest in business and point of sale software, any merchant can take steps toward embracing the future.

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