Cloud-based POS systems the future of retail

The use of cloud-based POS systems has been making a push in the retail world over the last few years. As the solution has made a bigger name for itself in the entire corporate sector, it has been slow to fully catch-on with merchants. This is due to many factors, including the fact that any system would be required to process customer credit card information, which can be a touchy subject in a world with growing cyber threats.

However, things are starting to change as the security level and familiarity of the cloud increases. A recent article for Business Solutions features an interview with Scott Lamb, the founder of a Utah-based point of sale solution provider. He spoke on many topics in the discussion, but had a heavy focus on the cloud.

He mentioned that several payment solution providers that did not adapt and offer the cloud have gone out of business. However, shifting gears away from traditional POS systems for merchants should not be as big an issue as other technology solutions as the cynical negativity that plagues those systems does not exist in retail. Just think about the way IT departments talk about switching physical server back-ups to a cloud-based solution.

Despite this, Lam mentioned that companies need to be smart about how they adopt these solutions. Doing a search of the Apple app store will bring up countless free applications that can turn an iPhone into a mobile, cloud backed cash register. While that sounds great at first, these systems will not be able to handle the large volume and multiple touch points that most retailers need.

"Many of the newer POS products, especially those built for mobile devices, are really just apps. They might run fine via the Internet on a couple of terminals. But a deep application that's been perfected over 30 years needs an optimally stabilized delivery platform to do its job," Lamb said.

This is where a quality payment solution provider that specializes in cloud-based point of sale solutions can become a valuable resource for merchants. With the expertise that can be offered, business owners are able to successfully implement cloud-based POS systems and the software solutions that are needed to optimize them.

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