Cloud-based technology is becoming the new standard for POS systems

Cloud-based programs are becoming more prevalent in general, and particularly in the realm of credit card processing systems. When POS software is cloud-based, its information is stored over a number of servers rather than on one main computer. This allows flexibility in terms of information access, remote use and multiple terminal integration. 

Some users are wary of cloud-based technology, and a recent article in The Huffington Post addresses the most common concerns by dispelling the fear-based myths that have inevitably surrounded the innovation. The main concern for potential users seems to be that of security, especially considering the many breaches that have made news in recent months. However, The Huffington Post points out that the quality of security varies amongst cloud-based systems just as much as it does in more traditional programs.

Therefore, all consumers should do a fair amount of research before deciding which cloud-based service works best for their needs. The highest quality cloud-based POS software will include multiple backup and encryption abilities, and will frequently be updated to insure the best protection. A physical storage system, on the other hand, is always at risk of not just hacking but also loss through simple destructive accidents such as flooding. 

Another concern potential users express is that cloud-based systems must always have access to a wireless network. However, even cloud-based systems come with internal memory, having the ability to store thousands of transactions in the case of an internet problem. 

Cloud-based networks have the added benefit of being easily integrated into a business's other systems. Business 2 Community suggests that using an iPad or other portable device to access cloud-based programs can increase company functionality by integrating time shifts, schedules, inventory reports, and payroll onto one portable device. Since this added flexibility is invaluable for promoting a company's efficiency, it seems like only a matter of time before managers demand that all POS systems be cloud-based. 

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