Cloud POS services making big strides in retail landscape

When it comes to retail, the use of cloud computing had been on the outside looking in for some time. However, as mobile technology has grown and the virtual infrastructure has matured, it is making bigger strides in the minds of many merchants.

To see how important the cloud could be for the future of business, look no further than what providers are doing in the industry. A recent press release from eCommera, a U.K. based software-as-a-service and big data company, announced it has just completed a $41 million round of funding with the goal of breaking into new markets including North America.

Norman Fiore, the Managing Partner at Dawn Capital, spoke in the press release about why her business decided to get behind eCommera and invest in their plan to crack into the North American market.

"We have reached a tipping point as bricks and mortar retailers aggressively rise to the challenge from pure online players," Fiore said. "A fundamental shift is happening as retailers reconfigure to adopt an omni-channel approach that best meets the needs of today's and tomorrow's shoppers."

She added that eCommera was impressive in a demonstration of the game-changing technology that allows retailers to increase profitability and deliver compelling customer experiences from the first touch point to the final order fulfillment.

Cloud computing is offering merchants a simpler way to integrate multiple sales platforms like mobile POS, eCommerce and multiple brick-and-mortars. With the help of a retail solution provider, any merchant will be able to implement a cloud-based POS.

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