Cloud POS systems offer benefits for all retailers

In the retail world, there are few systems that have the ability to touch multiple aspects of the business. Upgraded point of sale software solutions are one of these platforms and it has been upgraded to include the cloud and be taken to the next level.

A recent press release from NetSuite recapped the way that many Australian retailers have been able to run end-to-end business operations and expand omnichannel sales through the use of cloud-based POS systems.

Retailers, wholesalers and distributors are benefiting from the use of a cloud system. It helps provide a real-time, 360-degree view of the business and its customers. It also adds a new level of integration with the ability to bring platforms like enterprise resource planning, e-commerce and financial, together.

"Traditional on-premise software approaches used by many retailers, wholesalers and distributors create a barrier to business growth, by increasing IT costs and decreasing business efficiency and accuracy," said Mark Troselj, managing director of APAC and Japan for NetSuite. "By switching to the [cloud], today's modern organizations can rapidly adapt to market changes and distribute across multiple channels, gaining a competitive advantage and driving success in the global economy."

While the press release focused on Australian retailers, these benefits easily translate to businesses from any area of the world. With the help of a payment solution provider that understands point-of-sale software solutions, cloud-based platforms and how they can be integrated, any organization can easily add these offerings and improve overall operations of retail systems.

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