Cloud POS systems the ‘future of retail’

If you are a small business owner who has been using the same cash register system for a decade, the decision to upgrade can be stressful. Aside from needing to learn a new system, companies can become overwhelmed with the sheer number of options that are on the marketplace. For someone who has held on to a legacy system for so long, this jump can be difficult to handle.

A recent article from PCR features an interview with Lisa Falzone, the CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems, which has been on the cutting edge of cloud-based point-of-sale systems. In the conversation she calls the cloud platform "the future of retail."

Not only are recent hardware and software innovations evolving quickly, but in April Windows XP will no longer be supported. This means any legacy POS system that uses this platform will run the immediate risk of no longer being PCI compliant.

"The shift in the last few years has been from hardware to software, and from closed to open API systems," Falzone said. "We use apple iPad's since they are familiar to people, and training is a breeze. The devices are durable, very responsive, look great, and if anything breaks we can remotely push software to any new iPad purchased at a store."

If you are the business making the jump after a decade, the cloud can be difficult solution to deploy because it is a such a dramatic change of pace. With the help of a retail solution provider, any organization can take steps toward deploying the latest retail and payment processing software.

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