Companies hustle to implement cloud technology

Online magazine Cloud Tech reported today that many high-level executives are telling their teams to begin the transition to a completely cloud-based set of operations. However, many of these businesses are unsure of how to proceed and don't possess the technical knowledge necessary to make the change. 

Therefore, IT specialists with cloud knowledge are highly sought after and valued by employers. 

"The use of cloud computing as an increasingly business-critical technology is quickly changing how companies and institutions evaluate, procure, and deploy IT assets," said Carla Arend, program director at the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Forbes recently outlined the many benefits of cloud-based systems, listing the backup feature as the most valuable. Retailers and businesses in general should always be planning for the worst possible situation, and this means considering the loss of company data. On the cloud, backups are automatic and secure, so you won't suffer an irretrievable loss should something terrible happen.

Another advantage to the cloud is its additional safety features. Data encryption policies are available for cloud backups, which is especially important during this slew of data breaches. 

The cloud also performs automatic updates to keep companies operating with the latest features and technologically cutting edge functionality. Employees can even access their work email through the cloud from any location and over any device. It's safe to say that cloud technology is changing the way companies conduct their business, and it's important that organizations try to make a smooth transition. 

If your company is moving from software to cloud technology, try implementing a cloud-based credit card processing software so you can keep your transactional data backed up and safe. 

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