Connecticut dry cleaning chain suffers data breach

A local dry cleaning chain of eight locations announced recently it was the victim of a data breach, showing that even smaller companies can be affected by hackers.

The Connecticut chain, Swiss Cleaners, informed customers last week.

"We believe that an unauthorized person was able to install a program on a server in our payment card system that was designed to make a copy of payment card data as it was being routed through our system to our payment process," the company said in an online statement.

According to information provided by the company, all eight of Swiss' locations were affected in the breach, which lasted almost a year: from December 2014 to October 2015. Swiss also confirmed that hackers may have been able to access cardholder names and card expiration dates and security codes in addition to the card numbers themselves.

Swiss, in the announcement, said that the malware was removed from their systems and that they are currently working with a computer security firm to review and strengthen their security measures. They company is urging anyone with unauthorized charges on their statements to report them immediately.

News of the breach came out after several customers reported fraudulent charges. A local NBC affiliate spoke with one, only identified as Philip, who said that unauthorized purchases were made throughout neighboring Massachusetts.

"This credit card, I don't use often and the last place I used it was here at Swiss Cleaners," Philip told NBC. "You don't have to be out in the street to be robbed anymore."

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