Could the ‘Jigsaw’ malware affect POS businesses?

Ransomware, a form of malware that locks up user systems to extort payment from victims, is a problem for everyday consumers and businesses alike. A Bleeping Computer article recently covered the effects of Jigsaw, a ransomware strain that systematically threatens affected computers in a way that could throw even professionals off their balance.

While POS companies were not mentioned specifically, the source did say that Microsoft computers could be affected. The Jigsaw virus works slightly differently from other, similar programs, in that it encrypts files and deletes them on an hourly basis. Users are asked to submit $150 in Bitcoin currency and the software reportedly deletes more and more files over the period of 72 hours after infection, acting especially vicious if users try to resist.

As it is a special kind of malware that could target small businesses, owners should take the threats of ransomware seriously, even if it doesn't appear in this form specifically. SC Magazine recently quoted Kent Shuart, a product marketing manager who spoke about how small businesses pose a possible target for cyberattackers.

"The average small retailer has 50,000 credit cards in their system that can sell for between $5 and $10 each on the dark web, meaning you are a very good target," Shuart said at a recent National Retail Federation event. He also said that ransomware could become a dominant type of crime for small businesses this year.

Instead of being frightened, businesses should take every measure they can to use a POS system that's secure and prepared for increased card-based traffic with appropriate software.

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