Credit breach in Brevard County, Florida

A local credit union in Florida reported last week that some of their customer's credit and debit cards were compromised, but, interestingly, their systems were not breached.

Officials with the Launch Federal Credit Union said that an unknown number of customer credit and debit card accounts were stolen, according to Florida Today. 

The incident was first discovered when a number of Launch's clients reported fraudulent charges on their cards. All of the charges were small, $50 or less, but were all made at Wal-Marts in locations as far away as Houston, Texas.

It is unclear at this point how the card information was obtained or if other cards that are not affiliated with the Union were also compromised. An official investigation is currently underway and, though the source of the breach has yet to be identified, authorities say it is likely a local merchant that has yet to upgrade their security systems to current standards.

Launch, formerly known as the Kennedy Space Center Credit Union, operates 12 branches along Cape Canaveral and the rest of what is referred to as "Space Coast," due to NASA's presence in the region. Though there is the potential for a wide spread impact, the credit union said that the majority of the fraudulent reports came from customers near their Titusville and Merritt Island locations.

Officials said that, after the card information was stolen, they were likely cloned and used at Wal-Mart locations that are not requiring PIN or signature verification in order to complete the purchase. Launch is urging customers to monitor their accounts for fraudulent activity and report anything suspicious immediately.

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