Credit card fraud hits Chief Justice John Roberts

This blog has discussed the dangers that can affect credit card users many times, and the need to prevent these kinds of crimes from occurring should seem an obvious priority for all those who make use of card reading systems. An individual's data can be compromised without them finding out until far too late, no matter who they are or what their position is in society. Though no single merchant can stop all the possibilities of fraud and identity theft that exist, these sorts of events should not go unnoticed by anyone who makes use of payment processor software

A case in point can be seen with the recent case of card number theft that has reportedly befallen Chief Justice John Roberts. According to the Washington Post, Roberts confessed to an employee at a Maryland Starbucks he frequented that he had to use cash because he had canceled his card after his numbers had been stolen. Not much more information has been disclosed, but this serves as a chilling reminder that no one is immune. 

It is a time for both customers and business owners to be wary, as a story earlier this month saw a variety of different celebrities, including political figures like Michelle Obama and Joe Biden, become the target of a website that claimed to post their personal information.  This is said to have included social security numbers and credit reports. Whether or not this was legitimate, these days, the threat of compromised data is everywhere. 

Those companies that use the services of credit card processors have a responsibility to maintain the trust of the customers who choose to make use of their business. This can be accomplished through consistent upkeep of the equipment and software that can potentially prevent such damaging breaches of personal security from occurring, thereby allowing vendors of all kinds to conduct transactions without fear.   

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