Credit card fraud statistics

A new report from Nasdaq compiles credit card theft facts from 2014, revealing a shocking trend.

Worldwide data breaches totaled 1,540 last year, a 46 percent increase over 2013, and exposed over 1 billion records. That number equates to about 32 records stolen every second of 2014.

Of those, 55 percent were performed by a malicious outsider, and another 15 percent were by a malicious insider. 

America was responsible for the vast majority of those global figures, with hacks totaling 1,107 last year, an increase of 72 percent over 2013. The next highest country in terms of percent increase was no where near that number, with the United Kingdom coming at at just 8 percent.

As such, the number of stolen card information in the U.S. rose to 31.8 million in 2014, over triple the amount of cards affected in the prior year.

These numbers were further backed up by a Barclays report from this year, saying that 47 percent of the world's credit and debit card fraud occurs in the U.S. despite only being responsible for 24 percent of the global card sales volume. Barclays, a U.K. based firm, has cause for concern in this matter, as 35 percent of U.K. cards stolen were due to hacks occurring in the U.S.

While some of those breaches were attempts to steal intellectual property or classified information, 82 percent were hackers trying to access personal, financial or account information.

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