Credit card processing fee settlement takes new turn

The battle over surcharges for credit card payments has been waging for some time. As the rate for merchants to handle credit card processing slowly rises, many business owners have been speaking out against it. This led to a lawsuit filed back in May by several retailers against Visa, MasterCard and the banks that issue these cards with a settlement being reached recently. Now, however, it seems some of those merchants are looking to get out of the agreement and take things back to court.

According to a recent article by the Des Moines Register, the goal of these rogue merchants is to get a hard cap set by legislators on fees that can be levied that would be more to the liking of retailers.

The article explains that by allowing interchange fees to be negotiated, it will maximize competition among credit card processors, banks and retailers. Consumers will then see the benefits of lower prices. This could lead to an increase in other forms of payment as businesses try to stay away from credit card payments.

"Card companies will have to compete for consumers' business by making it worthwhile to pay with plastic," the article reads. "Historically, they have offered rewards like cash back, hotel points or frequent-flier miles. Consumers will have to decide if those are worth the surcharge."

Regardless of how this winds up, many businesses are going to need to re-evaluate their credit card processing software and overall solutions. This should be done to ensure the best possible customer experience.

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