Credit card processing instillation in D.C. causes cabs to miss deadline

Allowing credit card processing in cabs in Washington, D.C. has been a long process that we have covered from the beginning. Now it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel could still be further away as not all of the city's cabs will be ready by the September 1 deadline.

This move, first proposed back in May, has hit several roadblocks over the last few months. Now, according to WTOP 103.5 – a D.C. area radio station – Taxicab Commission spokesman Neville Waters said 2,000 to 2,500 vehicles will be fully equipped to handle the processing of credit card payments. However, there are an additional 4,214 vehicles will not meet the deadline. They will require an additional month to be outfitted properly with the technology.

Waters said that he is confident that by the end of September, the entire fleet will be updated. Both vehicle owners and payment service providers working with them, can reach out for a 30-day extension.

"I think there was some dragging feet; they were trying to review what the options were," Waters says. "I think there may have been some misinformation and rumors in the marketplace. There were some delays in ordering the devices."

This credit card processing program will be a benefit to patrons, as it offers a new way to pay and could increase revenue as riders who do not carry cash can now get a lift. Other businesses can get on the bandwagon and embrace plastic with the help of a payment solution provider.

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