Credit card thieves could strike without even a touch

With worry about the various means in which identity thieves can obtain credit card information near-omnipresent, it should be of no surprise that new means of hijacking card data are constantly arising. One of the benefits of most POS payment processing terminals is the implied presence of a skilled operator who can help ensure a transaction is made correctly. But one threat to this could be the presence of swipeless cards that can unwittingly transmit data. Some disturbing recent items in the news show the alarming gap in security that can be created by these cards without customers knowing, and why it pays to think twice about card security.

To start, there's the knowledge that using easily-acquired  devices like a card reader or a phone app, a criminal could swiftly swipe all the data needed to make a payment through the measly protection provided by clothing fabric or wallet leather. An article in Forbes recently detailed a demonstration at a hacking convention in which a credit card was cloned and used to make a fraudulent payment within minutes, all with relatively inexpensive equipment. Though these newer cards actually include a code system to cut off hackers that try to make unauthorized purchases, it's enough to put merchants on edge: how can you convince customers their cards are safe with you when they might not be safe in their own wallets? The aforementioned app, according to MoneyTalks News, could supposedly allow data to be stolen from mere inches away.

Though it's important not to sow panic, it's also increasingly necessary to consider the flaws in different types of credit cards. Non-chip cards certainly aren't immune to fraud, but they may provide some basic checks that more "advanced" cards haven't considered. 

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