Credit card use up over the month of May

In addition to fewer delinquencies in credit card payments, recent data seems to show more shoppers are using credit cards in general. While one month may not seem like an especially long time, it can be enough to notice a big difference in spending, and credit card payment processors may want to invest in decisions that could help them accommodate such an increase.

The Los Angeles Times noted recent information disclosed from the Federal Reserve regarding the amount of money borrowed over the course of that month. Results were way beyond what the Times reports was the most predicted, with the overall number of credit debt reaching more than $2 trillion.

What this means for store owners is that more people are willing to use plastic means of payment, and therefore payment processing software of some sort should be a requirement. What's more, if other previous reports that this blog has mentioned are to be believed, expenditures are also being paid back on time, which means that the modern shopper continues to be both active and considerate about when and where it is that they spend.

USA Today pointed out that revolving credit is playing a large part in this jump as well, and quoted economics specialist Scott Hoyt as identifying positive implications.

"It shows a willingness to start building up some credit card balances," he said.

Of course no one can bank on any specific trend lasting forever, but this news coupled with other reports of increased spending might be enough to lead small businesses to advertise their credit processing software, knowing that it will offer an attraction to an increasingly plastic-centered buying audience. 

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