Credit cards to be accepted by parking meters in New Jersey city

The continuing implementation of credit card processing software in diverse areas of commerce increases the importance of recognizing their dominance when it comes to forms of payment in modern business. Recently, New Jersey's Ocean City approved a plan to start using parking meters that accept credit cards. Though it may seem to advance the progression to an increasingly non-physical world of transactions, these systems will reportedly not prevent drivers from using change in the traditional method, if that is preferable.

This mainly seems targeted towards visitors to the boardwalk, but will appear on other streets as well, and according to the Ocean City Sentinel, credit card users will have to pay every thirty minutes at a rate of at least .75 cents. In order to compensate the roughly $150,000 price tag that comes with this renovation, general meter fees will also be increasing. Last year, Ocean City performed a series of successful trial runs of this equipment, influencing the city's decision to make wider use of this approach in some of the most frequented places in the city.

Even with the higher rates, it's hard to not see this as an attraction for tourists and others coming to the city to visit, especially in the summer. Businesses of all kinds should remember to weigh the inevitable cost of incorporating payment card processors into their customer options with the potential spike in attendance this greater availability will most likely bring. While there are some areas in which companies might be able to count on customers having coins and bills on hand, it's becoming less of a certainty these days. Giving the consumer the choice broadens the possibilities on both sides of the spectrum, and the adoption of such plans could be seen as an acknowledgement of this.

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