Credit, debit cards are the preferred payment method

A new report shows that the vast majority of people prefer credit and debit cards to other forms of payments. recently released a survey of over 500 people over the age of 18 and found that 80 percent of them opted to use credit or debit cards on their purchases. Cash was next with just 17 percent with checks only coming in at 3 percent. 

Individually, credit cards took the top spot with 42 percent followed close by debit cards at 38 percent. The survey continued, saying that debit card users prefer them for their convenience while the bonuses and rewards are what attracted people to credit cards.

In addition, the report recognized that credit cards offer the best fraud protection of the two, likely pushing it over debit cards.

"It becomes an issue of safety versus convenience," said NextAdvisor's Julie Myhre in the report. ."A credit card is actually the safest way to pay because federal law provides the most fraud protection for credit-card users as opposed to debit-card users, according to the [Federal Trade Commission]."

That fact greatly contributed to credit card's dominance for online purchases as well. Credit cards were the overwhelming favorite, with 50 percent of the respondents saying they prefer using the cards for online purchases. Debit cards came in second with 30 percent and PayPal or other similar services that link to a bank account took the third spot with 20 percent.

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